Before Serato: Twitter DJs Chime In

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old edison style phonograph
Who misses old school DJing?

A Twitter hash tag #beforeserato generated a flood of responses. We’ve selected the best….

Before Serato:

u could have a clash on the same set without having to switch out laptops or look transitional wax. I like the challenge still

your neighbour/milkman/work colleague was not a “DJ”


even the trainspotters were smart

DJs covered the labels to throw off trainspotters

requests were not as retarded.

Dj’s could lie about their play list history..

Clubs had to have 2 turntables that really worked.

The title of “DJ” was far more respectable

DJs weren’t sellouts

I had a monthly chiropractic payment from lugging vinyl.

I used to steal recycling containers to carry my records in<Milk crates were good also. They stack good LOL

I bought 12inch’s every Friday

Cats would have never thought to sell their collections. Thank you Serato – the digs have been lovely lately.

Artist had to invest more time and money in getting their worked pressed up on vynil.

I had to bring a sampler to play my drops and sound effects inside a party.

I was broke cus I used to spend all my money on records<I use to hit the flea market and Yard sales

I wanted to cry when my records warped<I thought it was the end of the world

i had to take a bus and train to Beat Street to get records

their weren’t so many wack events. Every1 is in a promotion crew now with wack ass djs who all sound the same.

People used to complain about synthesizers and drum machines not being “real”

a DJ was judged on his talent.Now it seems a DJ is judged on how many followers one had on twitter or FB

I had to label my vinyl so other Dj’s wouldn’t try to cuff my exclusive joints.

I used to give most of my paycheck to Depth Charge, Assassin, and Mr Bongo’s. Oh and Deal Real.

u wouldn’t DARE ask another DJ for his ENTIRE collection of music”

you didn’t always have the perfect record for the crowd in your bag

DJs would interact with a crowd. Now most of them stand there, looking like they’re checking their emails.

Fatbeats wasnt bankrupt

there weren’t 1000 member DJ crews

friends or groupies would offer to help carry ur shit, now they only ask the name of the track playing