Beatport Releases Beatport Pro Music Management System

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DJs can be an obsessive bunch when it comes to track organization, and Beatport’s new Beatport Pro system aims to revolutionize music management. Tailoring its music organization tools just for DJs, Beatport Pro offers a laundry list of features that have been unavailable to users until now.

ID3 tagging capability has been expanded, allowing user to tag tracks with multiple genres, mood, BPM, key, rating, energy level, and more from both pre-selected or custom entries. Users can also classify music files, customize playlist/folder organization, and sync a file’s Metadata with its corresponding track in the Beatport Music store. Most strikingly, the full waveform display is available for every track.

Beatport Pro also expands the Beatport Music Store, allowing the ability to search with user-created filters. My Beatport has also been overhauled, letting DJs follow releases based on options other than just specific artists and label.

Beatport Pro is available now for free for Mac OSX Mountain Lion, and is compatible with Traktor, Serato, rekordbox, and iTunes. Watch the product demonstration below, and go here for more information.