Be Like Tiger….Sort Of

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We’re not big fans of golf, but we couldn’t help but notice Tiger Woods’ game at the Masters last week oozed inconsistence. His ball striking was wild, often too far right (like Sean Hannity right), and he missed shots with regularity. Woods announced today he’ll be playing the Quail Hollow Championship, on April 29 in Charlotte, N.C.

He’ll be no doubt using the event as a way to get the kinks out.

Surely we can find some nugget of golf wisdom to apply to DJs. One pro golfer once said: “Your best day on the course is not waiting for you to show up sometime—it is inside you, waiting to come out when you call upon it.”

We don’t know who said it, but it wasn’t John Daly.

DJ Randy Bartlett’s not a pro golfer, but he offers this: “When a client tells you they have found a cheaper DJ, ask them that if you matched the price, would they hire you? If they say yes, ask why. Let them talk you up, then simply say that is why you are more.”

Remember, if you’re booking more then 50-percent of your inquiries, you’re not charging enough. Afraid of losing a sale because neither of you is willing to budge on price? See if you have something you can offer that won’t lower your price, but adds value for the customer.

The famous golfer Zig Ziglar once said: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”