Barbara Tucker to Women at WMC: "There is only one you"

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Barabra Tucker in a red dress
“Network up, don’t network down…”

Winter Music Conference v. 2011 opened its doors today at the Miami Convention Center, and you only needed to follow the sound of the thumping bass to find the exhibit hall, where we parked ourselves at our booth, surrounded by Pioneer, Virtual DJ, Beamz Interactive, Best Buy, Ilio, and Lifebeat, among others.

The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer seemed to be attracting most of the traffic, which is really fine by us, as all sorts of questionable characters tend to congregate here, and it allowed us to check out Women in Dance Music, a panel moderated by Barbara Tucker, who offered those in attendance plenty of time-tested words of wisdom.

Some of her choice cuts:

“Your network determines your net worth,” she said. “Network up, don’t network down.”

“Copyright and trademark your name…make sure there is only one of you.”

“As a singer, you don’t have to pick a genre. Just do music. I started in R&B and gospel and ended up in house. Be yourself and believe in yourself.”

Kristine W also offered advice to up and comers.

“Start out doing pop hits and covers, and then work your tunes in and find what works with audiences.”

Later tonight, “Future Classics” party with Crystal Waters and the Basement Boys.

More to come.