BangOn! NYC Founders Talk NYE Time & Space Event

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New York’s club scene is in the midst of a renaissance, with the superclubs of Manhattan pumping out big room beats (and even bigger bottles) while Williamsburg staples Verboten and Output have created a home for the swarms of nightowls in Brooklyn to shuffle until the morning hours week in and week out. However, in spite of this continued growth of the formal sector of dance music, an underground, grassroots movement of pop-up parties and events has resurged as of late.

While the idea of a warehouse rave may conjure up images of dilapidated buildings and DIY aesthetics, the team behind the Brooklyn-based BangOn! party series has eschewed those notions since its humble beginnings five years ago. The trio behind the parties—Timothy Monkiewicz, Brett Herman, and Gene Bradley—has built the brand from the bottom up, consistently throwing events boasting next-level production quality and staggering art installations.

Now, hot on the heels of their Warehouse of Horrors Halloween blowout, the team is gearing up for their Time And Space New Year’s Eve extravaganza. In addition a stacked lineup—featuring Lee Foss & Anabel Englund, Shiba San, Sweater Beats, Thriftworks, and Gladkill—the event promises ravers a full-scale production that includes interactive 3D mapped art, choreographed circus performance, Burning Man art installations, and even themed cuddle puddles. Tim and Gene connected with DJ Times to detail the work that’s gone into the upcoming event.

DJ Times: BangOn! is entering its fifth year. How did you originally decide to create it?
Tim Monkiewicz: Much like my partners Brett and Gene, I started throwing wild parties in high school and never really stopped, although they never had a name. The idea for BangOn came after we threw what we thought would be a small party on the roof of my loft building in Greenpoint, and 300 really cool people showed up. We were all relatively new to the city and thought it would be a great way to meet and collaborate with other artists, performers, and general creative types. Through the years we have met some truly amazing individuals and made some great bonds with hard-working artists.
Gene Bradley: Yeah, I remember that. We were thinking that about 100 people would show. Everyone had a good time.

DJ Times: BangOn! has certainly grown since its beginnings. What are some of the biggest lessons you learned from running it to pass on to start-up promoters looking to start their own parties or events?
Gene: I would say the biggest lesson we have learned is that what we do is much more difficult, stressful, and time-consuming then we could have ever imagined. That being said, the rewards of building giant art pieces and throwing a party with 5,000 smiling faces are amazing. I think as long as you can take some punches and come out with a smile you would have no problem throwing parties.

DJ Times: How is this year’s Time & Space New Year’s Eve event going to be different from last year’s edition?
Tim: We are building two new art cars, just like the ones you see in pictures of Burning Man. One will be a flying saucer built around a scissor lift that can carry a few people 18 feet in the air! The other we are going back and forth between a few design ideas. What I can say about it is we will be chopping up an extended Chevy pick up truck starting next week and it will hold about 25 people! I could go on for pages about new art installations and themed rooms and performances, but what I am also really excited about is working with 3D holograms above the dance floor which will be a first for us.

DJ Times: You’ve got circus performers, Burning Man-style art installations, 3D mapped art, and more planned for the event. What goes into designing the look and feel of the event?
Gene: It’s a democratic decision; all of the creatives meet up and shoot ideas at each other. Some of them grab some laughs and when we all get excited, that’s when they happen.

DJ Times: What goes into curating and selecting the stage lineups?
Tim: All our events start with two main stages: one featuring house music and the other having more hip-hop based beats and variations of future funk, trap, and glitch hop. We stay away from commercial music and focus on bigger underground artists with cult followings as headliners and then up-and-coming national and international artists as support. We also have a third stage that focuses on an eclectic mix of local DJs and some live performances.

DJ Times: Tim, in addition to BangOn!, you still maintain an active musical output as part of The Golden Pony. What projects do you have in the pipeline?
Tim: We just signed our first record deal. The first single, remixes, and video will be released mid-winter 2015!

Tickets for BangOn! Time & Space are on sale now. For tickets and more information, go to Go to and for more information about the 3D hologram artists