iZotope BreakTweaker: Edit Audio like a Mad Scientist [REVIEW]


After the success of Stutter Edit, it was inevitable that iZotope and BT would collaborate again on another innovative audio-manipulation plug-in. So, here we are…introducing BreakTweaker, a drum machine, beat sculptor and beat sequencer—all rolled into one. BT (aka legendary ...

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Arturia V Collection 3.0: Analog Rig ‘In the Box’ [REVIEW]


Since 1999, Grenoble, France-based manufacturer Arturia has been carving out a special niche for itself in the studio market by creating software emulations of vintage analog synths. Indeed, I’ve always enjoyed using Arturia’s meticulously created virtual versions of classic keyboards in my ...

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iZotope’s RX3 Advanced: Real-Time Audio Repair


Audio repair has been around for years, and I remember seeing the old Cedar hardware de-clicker and de-noiser boxes in action years ago. These boxes represented the crème de la crème in real-time audio repair, and I was impressed with how easily they removed unwanted artifacts from a recording. ...

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Ableton Live 9 Review: Upgrades Aplenty

Over the last few years, Ableton Live has emerged as one of the leading DAWs and performance tools for electronic music. Its ability to time-stretch loops “on the fly” is unparalleled, and with the recent release of version 9, Ableton has pleased many of their users by including some important ...

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