HEE-HAW: The Challenges of Barn Events for Mobile DJs


Sarah and Tim’s wedding reception in the coastal town of Wiscasset, Maine, was set in a storybook location: Fresh-cut flowers, a colorful venue that overlooks a river, a manicured lawn where guests could enjoy cocktails before dinner, and an expansive ballroom-sized dancefloor for guests to ...

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Star Struck


DJ Rob Nadigal can now cross one huge item off his bucket list. Nadigal, who grew up in Montreal, Canada, clearly remembers DJing his sixth-grade school dance in 1983, when Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller” was the hottest party tune in North America. That particular single was the teenage ...

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Are You a Professional Mobile DJ or a Certified Entertainment Coordinator?


I’m pretty sure most of us have seen the television commercial: A financial advisor is meeting with a young couple, and after throwing out some fancy terminology about retirement, a 401(k) and the importance of asset allocation, the wife says he certainly sounds knowledgeable and professional. ...

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How Creative Mobile DJs Booked Gigs in This Winter’s Brutal Weather


These past few years, Adam Weitz of A Sharp Production in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has been wondering if he might be related to a certain biblical character. “I don’t know whether Noah was a relative of mine and God is simply giving me the burden, or if I’m just able to endure the stress,” he... ...

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Social Media: Can a Picture Sell a Thousand Words?


To promote his DJ business, Dave Stephenson of A Time For Music & Memories often posts photos on social media outlets, and is amazed at how many people he can reach to promote his availability in the Douglassville, Pa., area. “You can show what your venue looks like, and you’d be amazed as ...

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Say Cheese! Photo Booths Keep on Paying Mobile DJs Dividends


Photo Booths Endure as an Upsell That Keeps on Paying Dividends to DJs. Will the Fun Ever End? When Lisa Vasberg of Cheers Entertainment in Newbury Park, Calif., bought her first photo booth outfit in 2009, she was thinking the fad would only last a couple years. After running all the numbers ...

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Are Bridal Shows Still Relevant for Mobile DJs?


From his perspective, Mark Ashe of Enfield, Conn., sees bridal shows beginning to disappear—or, at least, evolving into smaller boutique-type shows. “The shows around here, where we used to see hundreds of brides, see about half of that right now, while some are a downright disaster,” says the ...

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Mobile Report: Holiday Bookings


Holiday Party Preview Mobiles Report an Uptick in Bookings This Season. It Might Even Spell the End of Doom & Gloom. Other than playing for Halloween weekend and during the New Year’s Eve bash at the historic Hotel Julien in Dubuque, Iowa, John White (aka “DJ Double J”) in Stitzer, Wis., ...

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Are You DJ Expo Experienced?

Every year the DJ Expo in Atlantic City brings together a diverse group DJs from throughout the nation—and 2013 was no different. It wasn’t such a long travel for John Horne, of Jam Machine Productions in relatively nearby Huntingdon, Pa., who says it was this DJ’s 13th year of ...

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Gig of the Century


According to Jeffrey Greene of Party Time DJs in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the ultimate midweek gig would be performing for seniors living in what he refers to as the “Retirement Mecca” of the United States. “In South Florida, not surprisingly, most retirement communities here promote themselves as ...

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Bridal Bounce?

Film Title: Bridesmaids

Brendan Lafferty of B-Sharp Entertainment in East Freetown, Mass., has two receptions coming up this fall with an interesting matchup. The bride from the first wedding works with the groom from the second wedding, but they found B-Sharp Entertainment through two entirely separate channels—and ...

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The Irritant Client


It’s Not Always Wise To Do Everything a Client Asks. Consequently, Some DJs Have Found Ways to Work Around the Demands. Jennifer Tigges of Video Creations knows firsthand the complications that can arise when a wedding client wants something that she knows from decades of experience is not to ...

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Orlando, Fla.-based jock J.R. Silva is adamant about the fact his company will play for whatever type of wedding reception for which SILVA Entertainment will be booked, no matter the gender makeup. “These alternative events have the same storytelling—they just have a different makeup of ...

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Holiday Cheer


Mike Mahoney of M&M Entertainment in South Portland, Maine, is like most mobile DJs around the country. He says winter holiday bookings in 2012 were decent—but not necessarily great. “We were expecting a blockbuster this year because of the way the calendar falls—with Christmas and New ...

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Exit Stage Left


When it comes to his eventual retirement, JR Silva in Orlando, Fla., is a typical small-business owner. Young and active, this DJ is still working on creating the perfect mousetrap. This owner of Silva Entertainment has some small stock investments, he’s focused on re-growing and re-positioning ...

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Murray SawChuck describes himself as the Dennis the Menace of magic. An America’s Got Talent contestant, the magician says he loves watching audiences go from curiosity to amazement. “I’m the type of guy that, when I go on stage, I have a plan and the audience believes that I have a plan, and ...

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