Photek: Hollywood Swingin’

By Lily Moayeri It seems that Photek is all about putting himself in uncomfortable positions. Early in his career, the British DJ/producer enjoyed critical and commercial success with his original drum-n-bass tracks and saw packed DJ appearances in his home country. But that wasn’t enough, ...

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In The Studio With MK: House Master

Loved as much by underground garage heads as he is major-label pop stars, Marc “MK” Kinchen remains one of U.S. house music’s living legends. Raised in Detroit, MK earned his production stripes under the tutelage of Kevin Saunderson, went on to DJ around the globe and release a slew of seminal ...

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How to Market Your DJ Business to the Reptilian Brain


By B.C. Carney New York City—At the recent National Retail Federation convention at New York’s Javits Center, there was a bevy of seminars designed for small and medium-sized business owners, we recently and dropped in on Amy Africa’s “Neuromarketing and the Influence on Buying Behavior” ...

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Dave Clarke on Techno & Integrity


Dave Clarke, the legendary “Baron of Techno,” is back. One of the most uncompromising and electrifying DJs of his generation, Clarke returns this month with a thunderous new Fabric 60 mix CD and—like it or not— he’s back in the international spotlight all over again. Famously describing himself ...

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Mobile DJs—Run Your Own Website SEO Jumphead: Business Line


By Ed Haas With many DJs generating as much as 90-percent of their bookings via their website, it’s obvious that a web strategy can be the most important aspect of your business—even more than your DJing ability and your 25,000 songs. So, let’s say you’ve got your web presence established ...

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DJ Brings Big City Vibe to Central Florida

By Con Carney Melbourne, Fla.—“From one to 10, [the event] was a 20.” Such is the unbridled enthusiasm and confidence that Shane Presley brings to his gigs. Don’t mistake the confidence for arrogance, however—he’s supremely thankful for all the good will that has floated his way. “I think DJs ...

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Business Line: Takeaways from DJ Expo


By Gregg Hollmann The DJ Expo is always a boon for my DJ business, and this year I attended nine seminars over three days. At the end, I was as exhausted as I was enlightened. From this past DJ Expo—Aug. 8-11 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J.—here are some takeaways:   Steve... ...

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In The Studio With… Paul Kalkbrenner: Beyond the Screen


Paul Kalkbrenner exhales nonchalantly in a prescribing voice over the telephone line from Berlin: “You know, I don’t really think I want to talk about the movie anymore—I just want to concentrate on talking about the album.” And with that, the whistling sound of a cigarette being inhaled cuts ...

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Sharpen your Business Skills—At DJ Expo


By Con Carney As you begin your Expo journey (or if you’re viewing from afar), this year’s cast of talented DJ business owners appearing at seminars will not disappoint, for nowhere else does such an esteemed collection of experience gather. One such person is DJ Mike Kindlick, owner Jam on ...

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Dave Nada: Moombahton Man

By Justin Hampton In an increasingly networked and globalized planet, what happens in a quinceañera event in Monterey or a beachside club in Bali can now directly influence the party thousands of miles away. So make way for moombahton, which couldn’t come soon enough for mainfloor techno/house ...

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Soviet Panda’s Twin Cities Takeover

By: Jim Tremayne Minneapolis—We say it all the time: If you’re a DJ and you don’t like the scene you’re in… then, get your hustle on and create a new one. That’s exactly what DJ Peter Lansky (aka Soviet Panda) did, and four years later he’s still running the hippest dance night in the Twin... ...

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In The Studio With… MANIK: Way of the Warriors

By: Jim Tremayne Lucky for underground DJs seeking a varied playlist, Chris Manik’s music can’t be too easily categorized. As evidenced by his “McLovin’ You” EP (Culprit) or his 17-track debut, Armies of the Night: I Declare War (Ovum), he doesn’t step to one beat, yet he’s adept at plenty. ...

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In The Studio With… Eclectic Method: Video Mashers

By Justin Hampton Las Vegas—People are sailing in and out of the Zumanity Stage before the 4th Annual Mashable Award show gets under way, and U.K.-based VJ troupe Eclectic Method are setting the tone with A/V collages marrying “The Sound Of Music” with “Groove Is In The Heart,” and layering ...

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Penn DJ Boasts the Power of the Upsell

By Milo Burke Reading, Pa.—While teaching high-school history nearly 10 years ago, Mike Kindlick began to feel restless. Something was gnawing at him, like something that was inside him, threatening to burst out. Mike Kindlick, quite simply, needed to boogie—for a living, full-time. “I had gone ...

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Louisville DJ Makes All the Right Social Moves

By Milo Burke Louisville, Ky.—Eric Woodland received the best training a DJ could ever receive: slogging away for a multi-op business, a tutorial behind the console. “It was a great way to learn what not to do,” says Woodland, now the owner of DJ Woody Events and Entertainment. “A lot of my ...

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In The Studio With: Beats Antique’s Electronic Fusion


By: Justin Hampton It’s New Year’s Eve, just a few minutes before midnight, and Beats Antique is onstage at the Sea Of Dreams party in San Francisco, showing the home crowd just how far they’ve come. As longtime members of the Bay Area’s Burning Man culture, Beats Antique is hardly out of step ...

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J.Rocc Steps Out Front


It only took two decades, but J.Rocc is finally getting out front and center as an artist. After forming the all-star DJ crew The World Famous Beat Junkies in 1992, the legendary turntablist has amassed plenty of work as a valuable collaborator. Early Junkies’ releases (The World Famous ...

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Hurricane Productions: New Media Gurus


How long have Vincent Velasquez and his Hurricane Productions partner Strato Doumanis been marketing their DJ services? They’re original Facebookers—which in the parlance of social media is a very, very long time ago. They’ve been focusing their marketing efforts on the web since they started ...

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How Expo’s “DJ of the Year” Enhanced My Business


By: Steve Moody I was in shock. Just as soon as I walked offstage, it had set me to a different standard than I had been accustomed. People recognized who I was. Even just competing in the DJ of the Year competition at the DJ Expo—never mind winning—it gives you an opportunity to be in... Read More

Ex-NYC Rocker Finds a New Set List in Midwest


Cleveland, Ohio—A funny thing happened to Lew Bodee when he visited Cleveland nearly 23 years ago. Bodee, then a twenty-something rock guitarist from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, traveling with his dad to explore some business opportunities, went to an Iggy Pop concert and met Miriam, a 20-year-old ...

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How Winning at DJ Expo Changed My Business


DJ Times and Mike Walter—who organizes and produces the “DJ of the Year” competition at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City—thought it would be a good idea for me to tell the story of how winning Best DJ Game last August has improved my business. First off, I was skeptical about competing again. I ...

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TOKiMONSTA’s Future Beat


By: Danna Hawley The beat scene in Los Angeles is heavily primed by Flying Lotus’ wondrous Brainfeeder label, with each individual artist initiating their own blend of experimentation. Genre- and gender-bending producer/performer TOKiMONSTA (aka Jennifer Lee) does her part by feeding futuristic ...

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From Mobiles to Club, K-Town DJ Flips the Script


Knoxville, Tenn.—Eight years ago Eric Bennett determined that his DJing dream had run its course in Chattanooga. Off to Knoxville it was—with his now-wife—and as he puts it, “As far as DJing goes, it’s the best thing I ever did.” Not that it was easy. Back in Chattanooga, DJ Eric B started out ...

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In The Studio With Alex Niggemann: To the Deep End


In a very short four years, Germany’s Alex Niggemann has risen through the ranks of EDM’s top talents. In 2006, the Dusseldorf-born DJ/producer gained notice with his remix of Booka Shade’s “Darko” and he subsequently released tracks on labels like Meerestief, Micro.fon and Moonpool. Audiofly ...

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DJ Takes Stock in Niche Wedding Market


East Windsor, N.J.—Like so many DJs, Gregg Hollmann had an inkling that he would somehow find himself behind the console. With an interest in music from an early age, this Jersey Shore native studied piano and alto sax in high school, playing in jazz and classical ensembles. He also starting ...

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Pretty Lights: A New Kind of Star


Derek Vincent Smith has a knack for seizing opportunities. Rather than spurn P2P, he (alongside Girl Talk) pioneered a free distribution model for all his recorded Pretty Lights material. To date, he’s racked up 800,000 downloads on his website ( for his six LPs and EPs, ...

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