Attend DJ Expo–Earn $10K

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We can’t guarantee that attending the DJ Expo will pad your coffers to the tune of $10K, but it did just that for DJ Mark Brenneisen—sorta.

“I have been attending the convention for four years now,” he told us. “I met and was inspired by “Big Daddy” Sean McKee from Connecticut from the get-go. Fast forward: last January, I get a call from a bride-to-be who is getting married in our town, and lives in the same town as Sean and knows him very well. He was booked, so he referred her to us. I booked her wedding here locally (Sagamore Resort, Bolton Landing—very exclusive) and then exposed her to our Adirondack Wedding association. That exposure resulted in over $10,000 in sales for AWA members…DJ, photo, video, officiate, florist and baker.”

”Now, that, is a DJ Expo networking success story, and I owe it all to you guys and the great vendors I have in the AWA.”

Hear Mark Brenneisen speak about how using Other People’s Money can make you the authority in your market, increase sales, decrease advertising dollars and, according to Mark, “Quite simply, blow the competion OUT OF THE WATER!” (All-caps his, not OURS).

”Currently, we are experiencing a dramatic increase in sales, more than I could possibly ever expect.  ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!”

“I truly think that in the years to come, OPM is going to be more of a player in how DJs run their businesses. This really is a HUGE dollar maker for aggressive DJs out there.”