At DJ Expo, Learn to Influence the "Influencer"

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To DJ Dennis Kintzer, the “crazy busy” days have returned, and he credits the art of networking as one reason why. The key, he says,  is to seek out the COI.

“COIs are most easily noted at a networking event by the fact that they tend to be surrounded by a number of other people who seem to be hanging on every word they say.,” he told us. “You walk into a networking event…one person has five other people all standing around…and just intently listening to what it is that the COI is sharing with them.  He or she is generally doing all of the talking, and because they are someone of some sort of importance, people will gather to hear what they have to say.  In your area, it’s usually someone that if you ‘just know’ who they are, it’s because they are prominent in your community.  It’s said that the average person has a sphere of influence of 250 people.  A COI generally has a significantly higher sphere of influence and therefore are a much more valuable contact.

“How do you target a COI? If they are a COI, they really don’t care about you, and you shouldn’t expect them to…but since you care about them, if they are speaking in a small group of people, the simplest thing to do is ask for their card.  The expected result is that you actually get their card.  I never worry if they ask for my card only because, at that moment, again, they don’t care about me so my next step/course of action is to reach out and follow-up with them in some way.

“I have a way that I do this that is specifically designed to just ‘touch’ them after the event in a way that’s memorable.”

Dennis, do tell!

“You’ll have to attend my networking seminar at the DJ Expo.”

Aw c’mon.

“Ok, it’s just simply carrying note cards with me everywhere I go.  I fill them out in advance most of the way, and carry 10 – 20 with me already stamped and then drop the ones I filled out that night in the nearest mailbox.  This way I don’t forget, and they get my correspondence (if dropped at the post office in the same zip as the recipient) the very next day, or no later than the day after.”