October 21, 2014

Armin van Buuren To Enter A State of Space

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It’s not every day that trance DJs and producers fly to space, but in 2014, Armin van Buuren will do exactly that. Invited by space travel company SXC to be one of the 100 “Founder Astronauts” to go where N’Sync member Lance Bass attempted in 2002, Armin and the other passengers will go through a special training program focusing on G-forces and weightlessness.

Armin on the interstellar occasion:

”For every DJ, it’s a dream to travel 3.5 times faster than their own sound! And then that deafening silence at 100 kilometers high. I can’t wait. I guess a 200 BPM heart rate is likely.”

For more information, go to AStateofTrance.com.

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