Are You Facebooking Like a Pro?

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the social networkLast we checked, more than 55,000 DJs have Facebook accounts—-who doesn’t, really, even our mother has one.

But how many DJs use Facebook to its full potential?

DeeJay Woody, (aka Eric Woodland) focuses on the key to effective Facebooking: establishing and maintaining a place in the news feeds of your fans, or “likes.”

But how?

“We do New Music Mondays on Facebook,” Woody told us. “We subscribe to Promo Only and TM Studios, and TM Studio provides you your media and a list of everything that’s on the disc. So we’ll go out and post the top 20 songs that are going Top 30 across the board nationwide, so if people are looking for some new music, they’ll see that, and hopefully comment on it.”

“We also do Wedding Tip Wednesday, which is typically insight about weddings and whatnot.”

“And then Friday, we’ll do trivia. Our most recent thing we did was we asked our fans to tell us something that’s interesting, and we’ll come up with a topic. We do that to stay relevant, to stay in people’s threads. And that’s the real key to Facebook, the more popular items, they stay in the news feed, if a status update has 30 comments, that tends to show up more in someone’s feed as opposed to one that just came and went and nobody touched on.”

“So we did one update where we asked people to tell us about the absolute worst DJ they’ve ever seen. To entice them to comment, we gave away a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.”

Did it work?

“The girl who won was actually well known in the community and she’s sent several jobs our way, so that’s worked out really well for us.”

Woody emphasizes that you don’t want to overwhelm your fans with constant updates, which is why he only posts three updates a week.

“Any more than that, I’m annoying.”