Apple Releases Logic Pro X & Mainstage 3

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Apple has released the newest version of Logic, Logic Pro X, onto the app store today, a little over 4 years since the release of Logic Pro 9. The new release hosts a slew of new features, including Drummer, Flex Pitch, Track Stacks, and Arpeggiator. Drummer gives the user a virtual session player that plays along with the track using a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques. Flex Pitch allows integrated pitch alteration of recorded audio, in turn letting users fix vocals and change melodies of audio by changing individual notes within a waveform.

Arpeggiator is one of nine new MIDI plugins, which is also included amongst the almost entirely new sound library. The Retro Synth—which emulates classic synthesizers of the 70s and 80s—and Vintage Keyboards are just a few of the plugins packaged with the program. For track layering, Track Stacks let users organize and collapse separate tracks into one.

In addition to the main Logic Pro X program updates, Apple has also introduced Logic Remote. Using the free app, users can control instruments, recording, and mixing from anywhere in the room, effectively turning their iPad into a keyboard, drum pad, guitar fretboard, mixing board or transport control. Apple has also released Mainstage 3, an update to Mainstage. The live performance companion app to Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3 brings the studio to the live stage.

Logic Pro X and Mainstage 3 are available on the Mac App Store and are priced at $199.99 and $29.99, respectively. For more information, as well as system requirements, go to

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