Apollonia Releases “The Benshee” Video & Album Details

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Apollonia will finally release its debut album Tour à Tour next month, and the group has previewed the LP with a video for its single “The Benshee.”

Apollonia—the French DJ/production outfit and label comprised of Dyed Soundorom, Shonky, and Dan Ghenacia—first formed in 2012, despite the trio having first met in the Parisian afterparty scene of the late 90s. Since the formation, the group has toured its signature “back2back2back” sets, with each member playing one record in succession throughout each live set.

The debut album Tour à Tour is the result of a six-month studio lockdown in Berlin earlier this year and will be released on October 20 via Apollonia’s own label. The title—French for “to take turns” or “alternate”—is intended to be a representation of the group’s live sets and underground house roots. Speaking of the name, the group said:

Tour à Tour…represents the idea of a continuous motion of music between us; a never-ending circle that flows and becomes hypnotic… Our album represents the way we approach our DJ performance – there is a unity between us and we work like one artist; the music we play holds no boundaries of time, respecting music old and new.”

The trio has given a taste of the album with the video for “The Benshee,” available below. In the clip, the boys are represented as puppets. Each member goes about his daily DJ business—from record shopping to studio time and club performances—with the swirling tribal house drums of the track serving as a soundtrack.  Watch the video below.

For more information, go to Apollonia’s Facebook page.