Amsterdam Dance Event Preview: Flying Circus

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ADE: Hot in Holland

ADE: Hot in Holland

Amsterdam, Holland—This week finds DJ Times joining much of the DJ/dance-music community in The Netherlands for Amsterdam Dance Event. Running Oct. 19-22, ADE will present networking opportunities and industry seminars at the Felix Meritis Centre and the Dylan Hotel, with topics like “How to Crack America” (moderated on Oct. 21 by DJ Times contributor Emily Tan.)

Additionally, ADE’s evening events are many. They will present over 700 DJ/artists performing in more than 50 Amsterdam venues. This year, DJ Times serves as media sponsor for “Interlab Music Presents ADE Interlab Sessions 2011,” running weeklong at Pure-liner, ADE’s party boat.

Here’s a preview of the first event—Flying Circus on board with Supernature, Rekids & Supplement Facts on Oct. 19. DJs include Guy Gerber, Radio Slave, Nine Kraviz, Alex Niggemann, Droog, James Teej and Tom deMac.:

Today we’re back on Pure-liner, ADE’s ultimate party cruise ship, to get the latest ADE gossip from the managing director of Flying Circus, Heiko Goetze. This year they’ve teamed up with labels Supernature, Rekids and Supplement Facts to bring us a diverse and exciting showcase that’s a must for your ADE diary. We’re here to find out what they’ve got in store for us…

DJ Times: Hi Heiko! Can you start by introducing yourself, for anyone who isn’t familiar with your work?
Goetze:I’ve been a raver since Day 1 and I’ve been around in the scene since the mid-’90’s. In summer 2007, I moved from Germany and settled down in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean town of Playa del Carmen. There I started regular techno nights on beach spots with international artists like Marco Carola, M.A.N.D.Y. and Steve Bug as well as the famous NYE party which is now in its fifth year. In 2008, I joined forces with Luca and Anthony from Audiofly to run the Flying Circus brand, firstly in Mexico and Latin America. From the beginning, we’ve had that special chemistry and we’re dreaming of getting our baby out in the world.

DJ Times: What inspired you to start Flying Circus and why do you think it works so well?
Goetze: Flying Circus was born in 2007 at the Miami Winter Music Conference. It was an almost random decision at the time, which has now become the most anticipated opening party of the whole event. It leaves a remarkable impression every year on one of the industry’s most important get-togethers. Since then we have utilized Flying Circus to continue to create unique events around the world. We are always looking for original locations and bringing together the most cutting-edge DJs in a pure celebration! The parties are very well received because it is always artists, friends and our amazing group of people hanging out together. The mood is always amplified—everyone involved is happier, groups have more fun and this vibe gets over to the crowd. It works like ping-pong.

DJ Times: Can you tell us what’s so unique about Flying Circus?
We have started to hold our events in places where there have never been any parties before, like unique jungle or rainforest spots away from civilization in Latin America. Those are spectacular, untouched, natural places—everyone goes home with an overwhelmed feeling. We are currently hunting for more places around the world—an old silver mine in a desert and an archipel in Caribbean Sea settled by a native Indian tribe are on our list. We will have much more to report in 2012.

DJ Times: What’s the connection between Flying Circus, Supernature, Supplement Facts & Rekids?
We always try to pull a line-up together for showcases like ADE which feels intimate and grand at the same time. Having a partnership with Supernature, Rekids and Supplement Facts works perfectly for what we stand for – it’s an edgy line up of great underground music.

DJ Times: Will you also check out the conference and join some panels/workshops?
Goetze: I definitely would like to see some panels, and as a fun thing to do, the cooking showdown between Dubfire and Christian Smith.

DJ Times: Do you have any plans to release any new music under the Flying Circus banner?
Goetze: We have a very clear strategy for the next two years of where we want to be and how we get there. Releases of music compilations is, of course, one of the tools we can use, but isn’t the priority at this stage. We’re currently taking Flying Circus to the next level, but how we do this will stay secret until further notice…