Amsterdam Dance Event Preview: Bla Bla, Remote Area & Alchemy

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Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto

Amsterdam, Holland—This week finds DJ Times joining much of the DJ/dance-music community in The Netherlands for Amsterdam Dance Event. Running Oct. 19-22, ADE will present networking opportunities and industry seminars at the Felix Meritis Centre and the Dylan Hotel, with topics like “How to Crack America” (moderated on Oct. 21 by DJ Times contributor Emily Tan.)

Additionally, ADE’s evening events are many. They will present over 700 DJ/artists performing in more than 50 Amsterdam venues. This year, DJ Times serves as media sponsor for “Interlab Music Presents ADE Interlab Sessions 2011,” running weeklong at Pure-liner, ADE’s party boat.

Here’s a preview of the Oct. 22 event—Bla Bla, Remote Area, and Alchemy showcase featuring DJs Daniel Sanchez, 2000 and One, Mauro Picotto, Mulder, Madskillz, El Mundo & Satori and Bas Amro:


Part of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event is a showcase for three recognised labels—Bla Bla, Alchemy and Remote Area. We caught up with three of our favorite label owners—Mauro Picotto (Alchemy), 2000 and One (Remote Area), and Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla)—for a nice cup of coffee to find out their thoughts on ADE this year.

DJ Times: Is this the first time you guys have organized an event together? What will it be like?
2000 and One: It’s the first time we’ve joined forces, so expect a scorcher of a party… Amsterdam style!
Picotto: It’ll be like a trip into a different dimension. We’ll still have all the important ingredients though—great music, nice people and good cocktails!
Sanchez: The main thing is that we give people something extra. That’s why we made the decision to do something together.

DJ Times: Mauro, you just released your album Twenty Eleven. Can you tell us a little about the process of the album?
Picotto: Normally, during the winter every few weeks I’ll go into the studio for a few days and work on new tracks with a clear idea of what I would like to achieve. I always leave the studio with a track, which I then test in the club. At that point, I decide if the tracks are ready or need to be altered. The experience was very natural and easy with this album.

DJ Times:Can we expect to hear some of your new work during the showcase?
Definitely, yes. I’ll be in the studio before ADE, so some new tracks or some new remixes are in the cards.

DJ Times: 2000 and One, you became one of Sensation’s resident DJ’s together with Joris Voorn last year. Do you see this as the next big step in your career?
2000 and One: Indeed, although I think of it more as a broader step. Playing to 40,000 partygoers at Sensation enables me to play my music to a wider, more mainstream audience. But diversity is really important so, for example, you’ll also still find me cooking the dancefloors in an underground club in South America.

DJ Times: You own a suite of labels, including Remote Area, and you’re known as a springboard for upcoming producer talent. What can we expect from you in the next few years?
2000 and One: I had a vision for each of my six labels when I set them up. Remote Area offers a framework for established Dutch producers to hit the international stage, while sublabel Area Remote showcases international talents, plus Holland’s newest rising stars. In five years time, I hope that vision is still intact and Remote Area continues to champion our sound on the global club circuit.

DJ Times: Daniel, your Bla Bla imprint is growing fast at the moment. What will be the next stop for Bla Bla?
Sanchez: We try to push our artists to the next level. At the moment we’re putting a lot of energy into our label nights, which happen all over the world. Our main goal is to bring our Bla Bla music to a bigger audience.
DJ Times: Your personal career is also snowballing rapidly. You recently released music on Richie Hawtin’s legendary label Plus 8. What does it mean to you, being picked up by such a renowned DJ?
Sanchez: A lot! I got of great feedback, and it’s great when quality labels like Plus 8 spend time and resources on fresh talent. I hope that some day I can repay the favor by investing in new producers.

DJ Times: Can you tell us about any new projects you guys have been working on? Is there any chance there will be more collaboration between your labels, perhaps in terms of releases?
Picotto: 2000 and One and Daniel already have released some remixes and edits on my Alchemy label….
2000 and One: At the moment, I’m really busy with releases and remixes on 100% Pure, Plus 8, Snatch!, Cadenza. After that, who knows?
Sanchez: We already started working on the Bla Bla ADE sampler!

DJ Times:What does ADE means for each of you? Any memorable ADE moments you want to share with us, or things you’re especially excited about this year?
This is my first time here. I hope to find the same energy and the same vibe I’ve got during my set at Queen’s Day, which Daniel invited me to. It will make my first appearance at ADE memorable.
2000 and One: For me, it’s about bringing the world of dance music to my home town. It’s impressive to be surrounded by heaps of talent and energy in one party hotspot. My personal highlight has to be our annual label showcase in Studio 80, putting the international ADE clubbers on the front line of the Dam’s dance scene and in direct line of sight (and sound) of our imprints. People should enjoy the experience but remember there are four days and nights so take it easy, and bring your dancing shoes.
Sanchez: It’s all about the energy! ADE is a unique event where everyone from the music business can come together to make deals and look for further developments. Make sure you come see us early on Saturday—Satori will be presenting his new Bla Bla album, Dancing Emptiness. See you there.