Amine Edge & DANCE and Tough Love Collab on ‘The Perfect Love’ EP

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French and UK house collide on “The Perfect Love” EP, a collaborative project between Amine Edge & DANCE and Tough Love two years in the making.

The EP opens with dual-rendition of “Perfect Love.” The first part is an uproarious cut channeling 90s house with its diva vocal samples, while the second part is a darker take with deeper basslines and lone synth stabs.

“The Eight, The O, The Mother Fuckin Eight” is a booming, booty-bouncing piece of seductive house, with organ chords and click drums underscored by a swagger-filled bassline. Tough Love’s remix of the track is lighter take with influences from both garage and soul, not unlike the duo’s recent single “Dreams.”

However, both duos come together perfectly on “Heels In A House Rave.” Amine Edge & DANCE flex their rap-inspired G House muscles with a bouncing bassline while Tough Love deliver a hands-in-the-air with masterful builds and killer synth riffs.

“The Perfect Love” EP is out August 28 on Get Twisted Records. Stream the EP below.