"America’s Got Talent" host Dishes Tips for DJs

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America's Got Talent host Murray Sawchuck with three ladies on red couch
Can this man help perform magic on your revenue?

When he was a kid, Murray SawChuck’s parents gave him a magic kit, and it was only a matter or time until the kid from Vancouver got behind the console to DJ at parties.

Even behind the console, SawChuck understood a key element to any type of entertainment business, which has helped catapult him into VH1, Vegas, and as a host for America’s Got Talent.

“I think it’s important that when you come into a venue, even though your mixing skill may not be the best in the world, at least come in with a package that helps people remember you,” he says. “If they can’t remember your name, come in with something they can identify you with. And also come up with a cool name, that people can either make fun of or is easy to remember.”

SawChuck recommends that DJs try using the sleight of hand that has made his career—like the Magic Dove pan, for instance.

“Go to your local magic store in town and buy a magic prop called a Dove Pan. It’s a very simple prop to use, yet the effect on an audience can be incredible. The point is to show an empty silver pan. You light a match and fire burns; you cover the pan and can produce anything—a birthday cake for the birthday girl, or thousands of pieces of confetti you throw in the air to start the party, or even a pan full of CDs.”