American DJ Offers Advanced Features with Fog Fury Fog Machines

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American DJ has opened up a world of cloudy possibilities for DJs with its new Fog Fury line of fog machines. The new machines have received a hefty set of usability and performance updates, including more reliable high performance piston-action pumps and a special heating element design that uses oil type transmission to prevent clogging. An in-tank LED indicator system has been added, showing red when it’s heating, green when it’s ready, and flashing when the fog fluid is running low. Additionally, the Fog Fury series contains a glowing tank, enabling users to see the tank in any lighting environment as they refill.

The Fog Fury 1000 gives users the line’s most affordable, compact option with its 0.9 liter in-built tank and four-minute warm-up time that can ouput fog at a rate of 3,500 cubic feet per minute. The Fog Fury 2000 features a 2.5-liter external tank that can produce 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute after its eight-minute heat-up time.

The Fog Fury 3000 and 3000 WiFLY are the line’s largest units, capable of producing 21,000 cubic feet of fog per minute from their 5-liter external tanks. Both feature 3-pin DMX connectivity, a three-button digital LCD display and three operational mode. The 3000 WiFLY adds the innovative WiFLY wireless technology, allowing users to operate the machine via DMX without the need of wires.

The Fog Fury series is available now. Watch a product demo of the Fog Fury 3000 WiFLY below and go here for more information.

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  1. AB

    May 4, 2014 at 3:00 am

    Always wondered about incorporating fog into some of my shows. Never really felt the need but always a possibility as it should increase the overall effect. I will definitely be looking into one of these.

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