American DJ Boosts LED Engines with Inno Scan HP & Inno Roll HP

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American DJ is making its Inno Scan Series fixtures even brighter with the introduction of the Inno Scan HP and Inno Roll HP.

The new fixtures feature LED sources capable of 80-watt output (up from the 50-watt Inno Roll LED and Inno Scan LED) , with the Scan HP equipped with a sharp 16-degree beam angles to deliver bright shafts of light reflecting from a flat mirror. The white LED engine can produce eight colors, and the six rotating, interchangeable GOBOs allow users to project moving patterns or create a spotlight effect.

The Inno Scap HP offers four modes: Auto Run, Sound Active, Master/Slave and DMX. The DMX-Controlled mode gives users the choice of either an eight or 11 channel option, and the power supply can daisy-chain six units together at 120-volts and ten units at 220-volts.

The Inno Roll HP is equipped with the same LED engine as the Inno Scan HP but features a concise 10-degree beam angle. Fast-moving effects from the barrel mirrored scanner can soar in all directions, and the Roll HP also features pulse and strobe effects. The Roll HP also contains four operational modes, and the unit is compatible with the ADJ UC3 Series of remotes.

Both fixtures boast a 50,000 hour lamp life, and the GOBOs on both units are interchangeable.

Watch a demo video of the ADJ Inno Scan HP below (a demo of the Inno Roll HP is available here), and go to for more information.

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