ALBUM PREMIERE: Designer Drugs – The Drugs Are In Control

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Designer Drugs made a big splash with their 2011 electro-punk debut Hardcore/Softcore, and New York City’s most addictive duo is back with the follow-up The Drugs Are In Control, exclusively premiering today here at DJ Times.

While their debut was anything but subdued, the pair’s latest release kicks it up another notch, packed full of massive scorchers, blaring bass, and grinding electronics. The album’s eponymous lead single lays out the album’s blueprint: explosive synth stabs, dirty basslines, and a breakneck pace with influences rooted in electro, progressive house, and dubstep.

“Crystal” and “Apocalypse Now” follow this aggressive approach to electrifying results, while the hypnotic “The Elephant” and ominous “Outer Space” showcase the pair dabbling in subtler moments.

The Drugs Are In Control is out today via Sex Cult Records here and can be streamed and downloaded in full below.