Adrian Lux: Making Moves

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It’s become clear by now that the Swedes are taking EDM by storm, and the latest addition to the ranks is Adrian Lux.

The model-turned-DJ/producer—aka Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, 25—began his career behind the decks rocking reggae and hip-hop parties. But soon enough, he’d begin to make huge waves with club bangers like 2010’s “Teenage Crime,” which enjoyed support from the world’s top jocks.

Additionally, he gained dancefloor traction with “Eagles,” a collab with Dutch fave Sander van Doorn. More recently, he’s released “Alive,” a catchy cut with electro-pop act The Good Natured out front, and “Fire” (featuring Lune), a smooth, vocal trancer with whooshing synth rushes and plenty of tingle. Expect to hear it on his upcoming artist album on Ultra Records.

We caught up with Adrian Lux this past winter at Pacha in New York City.

DJ Times: Between you, Avicii and The Swedish House Mafia, the Swedes are taking over EDM. What’s the story there?

Adrian Lux: Sweden is such a small country where everyone kind of helps each other out. It’s such a small, tight-knit community there, so if we end up playing each other’s songs and making great remixes, I think that is what ends up being the recipe.

DJ Times: “Eagles,” the collaboration you did with Sander van Doorn, which was released on Sander’s Eleve11 CD, has been a huge track for you both. Whose idea was it?

Lux: Sander first contacted me because he played “Teenage Crime” a lot and even used it in his Dusk Till Doorn compilation, so he wanted to work together to create something like that, that would actually be more personal for him. He sent some songs over, we pitched back and forth, and even ended up working with And Then as the singer, another fellow Swede.

DJ Times: You’ve had some singles success, especially with “Teenage Crime,” but you’ve got your artist album due soon. What should fans expect?
Lux: It’s basically just more of me, so I hope you’re going to like the rest! I worked more with Linea who sings on “Teenage Crime” and And Then, the singer from “Eagles.” I’ve also worked a ton with my girlfriend who is Rebecca from [Swedish DJ duo] Rebecca and Fiona. Of course, there are going to be a few more surprises, but that’s all I can say right now.
DJ Times: Your tracks tend to be complemented by female vocalists, any plans on branching out to the other side?
Lux: That’s true. I think my tracks fit very well with a female vocal, mostly because I’ve gotten used to that. So if I’m using a male vocal for a song, it’s got to sound sensitive, which is not an easy thing to create. The album has two songs like this that are really strong—two really good male vocals.

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