ADJ’s Inno Beam LED Offers Strength & Versatility with Low Power Draw

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American DJ is bringing strength and versatility to even the lowest of power situations with its Inno Beam LED. The moving head fixture is powered by a bright white 80W LED source, and the unit utilizes a tight 6-degree beam angle and eight colors to deliver an extensive range of mid-air beam effects. Lighting designers are also given added diversity with a palate of options, including beam reducers, frost filter, and eight-facet prism.

Mobile DJs are sometimes faced with power limitations, but the Inno Beam consumes very little energy (129W max) for its powerful beams. The eight-facet prism allows for hypnotic aerial effects and spectrum of dazzling colors when enhanced by the independent color wheel. Users can vary the size of the beam using the laser-cut GOBO wheel—with four GOBO patterns and four beam reducers—allowing for far reaching effects and pin-spotting. Wider wash effects can be achieved by broadening the variable beam angle and applying the internal frost filter, and strobing and pulsing modes can be enabled for further customization.

The Inno Beam LED offers users three operational modes: DMX Controlled, Sound Active, and Internal Show. Additionally, two DMX channels are available. The 12-channel mode allowing control over 540-degree pan and 210-degree tilt—including movement speed, color choice, GOBO selection and GOBO shake effect, prism effect and rotation settings, 0-100% dimming, frost filter; shutter speed; and a choice of five dimmer modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural and Theatre. The 14-channel mode gives users fine control over the pan and tilt. The unit is also equipped with four built-in, pre-programmed lightshows for users looking for simplified control.

The Inno Beam LED is available now. Watch a product demo below and go to for more information.