ADJ Announces Sweeper Beam & Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs

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ADJ has unveiled a new pair of LED light fixtures consisting of the all-white Sweeper Beam LED and four-color Sweeper Beam Quad LED. Aimed with both club and mobile use in mind, the two units are capable of producing perpetual-motion lightshows for long periods of time without need for duty cycles or LED replacements. The Sweeper Beam LED is powered by eight white LEDs, while the Sweeper Beam Quad utilizes eight 4-in-1 RGBW Quad LEDs.

While each fixture is designed to create a different effect, both the Sweeper Beam LED and the Sweeper Beam Quad LED feature 4 DMX channel modes for user-directed control and built-in Sound Active modes for autonomous programming. Additionally, both models have stepper motors capable of 270° turns and a multi-voltage power supply ideal for use in almost any location.

Watch the Sweeper Beam LED in action below. A demo video of the Sweeper Beam Quad LED is available here. For more information, go to

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