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layo and Bushwacka
Layo and Bushwacka

“Summers Gone” b/w “What Do You Say”

Layo & Bushwacka!


“Summer’s Gone” takes the listener on a soulful, yet techy journey through melodic breaks with hints of haunting vocals. “What Do You Say,” meanwhile, drops crunchy percussion laced with trippy vocals. Sweet. – Natalie Raben

“Move On Fast”


Mind Train/Twisted

Of course, Yoko does her wobbly shout on this electronic take of her spiky, ’70s-era avant-rock cut. A slew of remixes go from tribal to trance. Dave Audé’s rerubs add a big-room boost and the Wawa mixes keep it progressive. The “Chris The Greek Club Mix” gives it some pulsing, Moroder-ish disco flair, while recalling Empirion’s classic buzzbomb, “Narcotic Influence.” Something for everyone on this mind-bender. —  Natalie Raben


Ministry of Funk

Muzik xPress

Taking a massive slab of MJ’s “Off the Wall,” this one initially seems fairly unimaginative, but it’s so well-done that it actually works. If you like the original, then you can’t fail to like this. Curtis Zack

Heaven Knows”

Kenny Carpenter

Tony Records

After a brief hiatus, Tony Humphries’ label returns with a track by the legend that is Kenny Carpenter. Quality oozes out of this on all mixes, although Eric Kupper just about takes the spoils overall. – Curtis Zack

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