Ableton Live 9.1 Update Released

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After a public beta back in September, Ableton has officially released the Ableton Live 9.1 update, giving registered users of Live 9 Suite, Standard, and Intro new Live and Push features. Ableton Live 9.1 users gain the ability to open two windows simultaneously on both one or two monitors, allowing both the session and arrangement views to be open at the same time or for Live’s sample display or MIDI note editor to be viewed separately. Additionally, the update includes a new rendering algorithm aimed at guaranteeing better audio quality when exporting from higher to lower sample rates.

The update gives Push users the melodic step sequencer, which allows users to enter notes manually or play notes by hand in real time using Push’s pads. Additionally, all of Live’s automatable parameters can edited and push-sequenced directly from Push’s encoders.  A tutorial video can be watched here.

The Ableton Live 9.1 Update is available now for all registered users of Live 9 Suite, Standard, and Intro and can be downloaded for free via their Ableton user account. More information is available here, with full list of bug fixes and changes listed here.