A Griswold Christmas Gift

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chevy chase as clark griswold with santa hat
Give the gift of Chevy Chase & Run-DMC

DJ Eric B has been cutting it up in Knoxville for the last seven years, with two daily mix shows on WKHT Hot 104.5. But it was his embrace of video DJing that has turned his career around.

“I’m trying to add this as an upsale to nightclubs and mobiles that I’ve booked this year. I really believe this is the future for DJs.”

So what are some things VJs can do this season to separate themselves from the competition? I’ve taken some scenes from “Christmas Vacation” and added those in my sets. I try to find clips that mention a song title. In “Christmas Vacation” there’s a scene where Clark is at the store looking at lingerie and at the end of that scene he says, ‘Tis the season to be Mary.’ I then drop Run-DMC ‘Mary Mary’ and people go nuts. I also like to take scenes from movies where they sing a specific song in the movie and then mash it up with that same audio track that always gets great reactions. I really get a kick out of watching people point and laugh at the video screens. You know something is right when customers do that. From time to time I get a few customers who come to me and ask for that scene rather than the song title. Stuff like that sticks in people’s heads.

Who are your inspirations? Roonie G and 2nd Nature really inspired me to become a video DJ. Those guys are so great at what they do. I try to check out at least two of their sets a year because these guys have transformed this format to what it is today. They have always been on top of their game and as a VJ you can learn a lot from other VJ’s. It’s the same way I use to approach my music sets. I now adapted that same approach for video sets. If you want to learn why not learn from some of the best.

Alright, tell us about Knoxville. Ah Knoxville is great! There’s a little something for everyone in this city. You can find anything from dance music to hip hop to country clubs. We have some great talent that comes through like Qbert, DJ Skribble, DJ Icey, Pretty Lights and Girl Talk.  I really feel Knoxville is close to bringing DJs like this through on a more regular basis. There’s some great music coming out right now and I love the 125 BPM tracks that radio stations are playing in Knoxville. Dance music has really had a shot of adrenaline in the last few years and it’s showing up big time on the radio and in the clubs and private events. I actually did a few events this year where the client asked for just dance music. This hasn’t been the case in the past but I’m cool with that. Mobile shows are doing good right now and few of my friends own their own mobile business and they can’t keep up with the demand right now.