A Decade On, DJ Stays Ahead of the Internet Wave

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Orlando, Fla.—The last time we heard from DJ Carl Williams in these pages, it was more than 10 years ago, before DJs were using nearly all of the tools they’re currently using to get—and perform—gigs.

“The DJ industry has gotten more ‘complicated’ today because I have more music in my library for one event,” says DJ Carl of DJ Carl Entertainment. “So I have to really understand the impact of different types of music on a complex crowd to keep people dancing and entertained throughout that event. Also, with the proliferation of software programs and hardware today, I can do more tasks [like effects] with my DJ equipment.”

And that’s not all. As business owners have come to rely more and more on the Internet to generate bookings, DJ Carl has stayed in front of the wave—by learning how to implement both front-end design and back-end coding on websites, in addition to using blogging and SEO strategies to keep his name afloat, a formula that has helped his business tremendously.

“Being able to add rich-media, relevant content and the capability to optimize my website have enabled me to market to the right niche,” says Williams, who operates out of Orlando and New York City. “Blogging does help. SEO helps, too. These are two things that will help a DJ brand themselves as an expert if they blog and apply SEO rules to their websites. The biggest hurdle for most small businesses in general is setting up an editorial calendar where they can produce content on a regular basis that will tell a story, provide useful information and provide a takeaway value for later reference.

“When it’s done right, I like it when I get professional, educated and high-profile clients contact me. My web skills provide me with opportunities to make necessary fast changes to my website based on my web data information and changes made in the digital space from leaders such as Google.”

And DJ Carl doesn’t stop there. He uses podcasts—available in iTunes—to position himself as not only a thought leader, but as a music programmer whose eye is on the ever-changing cultural meter.

“Many of the pundits talk about YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and they are great platforms,” he says. “But I’ve focused my energies on my two iTunes podcasts—my preferred social-media platform. It’s a platform that I can reach an international audience with and showcase that a primarily ‘wedding DJ’ can technically mix and communicate on the mic for all types of people. Quite frankly, it is my proof to not stereotype me. I can mix all types of music. The podcasts also optimize my website because of the online relationship [backlinking] it has with iTunes, and it does help me book more DJ gigs. Many of my high-profile clients [including some celebrities] love how I can mix all types of music. It was so cool when Kevin Martin of the NBA Houston Rockets said to me on the phone. ‘I’m booking you mainly because of your online mixes.’ The mixes show my theme programming, music and technical skills. I love when people donate money towards the mixes and send me personal messages of the impact the mixes had on them to work at their desk job, road trips or to exercise. I just love it!”

Speaking of celebrity, one glance at DJ Carl’s website (djcarl.com) reveals a celebrity-driven reputation, with photos of Williams with Hollywood eye-candy and sports stars. How does he do it?

“The celebrity gigs comes from my general message that you’ll always get ‘me’ as your DJ, MC and event expert,” he says. “I convey the message that one can trust me and when I speak to high-profile clients I communicate about the dynamics of an event in great detail. There will be professionalism, excellent song selections, no profane music, communications to the guests and vendors and no silly dance routines. There was a time when I used to show folks how to do a slide. I don’t do that anymore. Additionally, the most effective way that I get celebrity gigs is networking with their managers and presenting myself positively to them in 30 seconds or less.”

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