808 Audio Partners with Scratch DJ Academy

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808 Audio has teamed up with Scratch DJ Academy, providing the school’s students hands-on experience with its headphones and speakers as well as six-week scholarships.

Scratch DJ Academy was founded in 2002 and offers aspiring DJs introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses along with certification using its copyrighted curriculum, state of the art equipment, and local celebrity instructors. The new partnership will see 808 Audio’s products being integrated into the curriculum as the students hone their craft in the studio and listen to the music they’ve created.

The new partnership has also led to the creation of ten new six-week scholarships for incoming students demonstrating a passion and dedication to DJing or producing.

Speaking of the partnership, Scratch Music Group CEO Rob Principe said:

“We hold audio quality to very high standards and test every product we have in our Academy. We chose 808 Audio as a partner because their headphones and speakers perfectly capture our students’ performances, which ultimately will help them become better DJs and producers. 808 Audio makes quality gear that’s affordable which supports our mission to make this art form accessible and approachable to all music fans.”

For more information, go to Scratch.com and 808audio.com.

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