2014 DMC Online DJ Battle Begins – Enter Now

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The fourth annual DMC Online DJ Battle has begun, allowing DJs across the world to digitally face off for the chance to win an expenses-paid trip to London to compete in the 2014 DMC World DJ Championships.

Established In 2011, the Online DJ Battle tasks contestants with submitting a two-minute video performance, which are then voted on by the general public in each of 10 bi-weekly rounds. There are no equipment limitations on equipment entrants wish to use and entrants can enter as many rounds as they want.

The 10 DJs receiving the highest number of votes in each round will be judged by DMC World Champions, who will then choose a single winner. The 11th round will consist of all video submissions that have not won a run thus far, and the public will vote for two weeks to name two DJs as the Public Voter’s Choice for the Online Final. The contestants in the Online Final will each upload a six-minute performance, and all DMC World Champions will decide the winner of the DMC Online Championship.

For more information, including entry calendars and submission guidelines, go to DMCDJOnline.com