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DJ Expo: Spread your content

Haven’t booked your DJ Expo excursion yet? It’s not too late of course, we’re months away (August 8-11), but we’re already stockpiling content like mighty redwoods, and Vincent Velasquez, co-owner of New Jersey-based Hurricane Productions, will be on hand to provide attendees with sure-fire online SEO tactics that will book gigs.

Vincent suggests the following ways to maximize your online presence:

“If you’ve got  a blog, and you should, it’s about frequency. A lot of times I see a company get really excited about something they’re doing, and they blog about it, and then you never see it again on their site. At least once a week, you need to spread your content across your network of sites—you can re-package a blog post to look completely different on Facebook, and also different on Twitter.

But first you have to realize that there are different audiences for everything you do, so there’s an audience that will only see your blog, and an audience that will only see your Facebook, and an audience that will only see your Twitter, and there’s little overlap.

If you look at your Facebook fans and most of them are clients that have fanned you from a previous booking, you’ll want to package that post with elements they might want to see. If it’s your blog, you want to make that post so that it’s driven towards people who find you through search, and if it’s Twitter, you might want to do something that goes a little viral, and brings them back to your site.

For example, if we do a wedding post, say we worked at a place in freehold called The Inn, we have a video, text, and a photo in the post, and we’re going to take that blog post and make it SEO best for, first, the venue name, so that people looking for that venue will find us; then we’ll take that link and bring it into Facebook and tweak the headline, and we’re going to choose either for people to watch the video or look at the picture.

Then on Twitter we’ll find hashtags like #bridalshow and then tweet a photo or blog post with a link saying “if you’re going to #bridalshow this weekend, check out our setup from a recent wedding”.

With Twitter, we look at trends, see what people are doing, there are lot of people doing a lot of things on Twitter every minute, and we try to see what’s going on in our industry.”

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