10 Ideas from DJ Expo to Boost Business

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Attendance at the DJ Expo increased by 16% over the year previous, and if anyone attended any of the seminars and workshops, it was easy to see why: Tons of information, presented by seasoned industry vets.

One such vet, DJ Evan Reitmeyer, presented “Selling to Bride 3.0,” an overview of the millennial bridal generation, who are rapidly changing the old DJ business paradigms. (Millennials, for the record, are those born after the year 1980).

Reitmeyer said: “Only 21% of millennials are currently married, but  83% of millennials say it’s important to them to get married. For millennials, price does not matter, as long as they see the value of something–they are conscious of brands, but not of status.”

The one controversial element of Reitmeyer’s presentation—generating murmurs of disapproval from audience members–revolved around pricing.

“Put your prices (or price range) on your website,” he said, “otherwise, Millennials will think you have something to hide.”

Additionally,  “Millennials do not value experience or ‘paying your dues’–talent matters most.”

DJ Steve Moody, on his “Book it Now!” seminar, spoke about packaging your services. “If you offer 2 packages, the cheaper pack becomes the ‘compromise’ choice. But offer a third package at the hi-end, and then the middle package becomes the compromise package.”

Also, by offering more than one package, “the prospect begins to understand there are different levels of service in general.”

Moody also spoke about employing the “Scarcity principal”: What do you offer that is rare and unique? Is there a limited time on your offer? Use phrases like, “Limited time to buy!” and “Call before Sep.21 for a 10% discount on lighting upgrade.”

And the DJ Expo Quote of the Week: “The more prepared you are, the more freedom you have to be creative.”